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Easy to use Plastic ID Card Printer

The Badgy is the easiest and most affordable out-of-the-box plastic ID card printer available today. It delivers high quality printed plastic cards simply & quickly. The Badgy card printer is compact; its footprint size is no larger than a sheet of A4 paper, making it perfect to produce ID cards, staff cards, membership cards in most reception or office work surface areas.

Print your plastic ID cards as and when you require, on demand from the comfort of your home or office. No need to outsource, just simply click & print your plastic cards instantly!

The Badgy printer is the latest plastic ID card printer designed for companies / organisations that require issuing low quantities of plastic cards printed per year. With simplicity and ease of use for the end user in mind, the Badgy has been designed with a drop in ribbon cartridge and easy to load card hopper. As easy to use as any paper printer, just create your design and send the print job to the Badgy Card Printer to receive the finished printed card in moments.

If your paper or laminated membership / identity cards are taking too long and too much effort, take the next logical step and start printing professional plastic cards with the new Badgy plastic card printer!

  • Unversity & schools Plastic ID Card Printers
  • Footy or Soccer club Plastic ID Card Printers
  • Golf & Sporting ID Plastic Printer Cards
  • Loyalty & VIP  Plastic Printer Cards
  • Promo & Event Plastic Card Printers and PLastic ID Cards
  • School ID Plastic Printer Cards
  • Swimming club Plastic Card ID Printer
  • Tennis club Plastic ID Card Printers
  • Theatre Access Plastic Card ID Printers
  • VIP Plastic ID Card Printers
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The Badgy Plastic Card Printer is easy to use, affordable and efficient printer solution for all your in-house plastic ID, loyalty, business, membership cards & badge requirements